Home Loans

Secure First Credit Union has helped thousands of people to become home-owners, and we know about all the issues our customers experience during this process. Are you a first-time homebuyer or looking for property investment? Our expert team is always here to guide you through your home loan application!


Experts Team
We have Mortgage Consultants with years of experience in this industry. Need advice? Contact our team for the best products that will suit your needs!

Great Rates
As your reliable credit union, we offer competitive rates to make home-ownership affordable for everyone!

Local Servicing
Make your payments locally! We offer the entire spectrum of mortgage services.

Our Team will help you choose the loan product that fits your needs and offers you flexibility! Contact us!



Adjustable-Rate Mortgage
Looking for lower monthly payments? The adjustable-rate mortgage is perfect for those who want to move or refinance in the following 5-7 years. We offer you a fixed rate for a certain period. We guarantee that the rate will not increase more than 2%-6% during the loan life.

  • Refinance option available!
  • Low rates!
  • Down payment – 5% of purchase price!

Conventional Fixed-Rate Loans
This product might be the best one for customers who prefer stable monthly payments. The advantage of this loan product is the interest rate that remains the same throughout the loan life.

  • Equal monthly payments!
  • Fixed rate for the entire period!
  • Down payment – 3 %!

Line of Credit
A Home Equity Line of Credit is another popular product among customers planning home repairs or renovations. This product offers you the flexibility of multiple borrowing from the agreed maximum sum.

  • Competitive low rates!
  • Start paying the interest only when borrowing the money!
  • Easy access to funds!

Interested in becoming a happy home-owner? Contact us for the best home loans products!